We will take the time to talk beforehand about your ideal photo setting, the people (or pets) in your photos, what you're envisioning, ideas for what to wear, and what photos you would like included in your session.
If you choose a location I've never been to, I drive out there to scope it out or show up before our session starts to become familiar with it.  My ideas start way before I get there, though... 
All of the photos in the online gallery from your session are lightly edited, but the ones you choose are edited more thoroughly to make them their very best.  I want you to be happy with the results!
I do most photo sessions within two hours of sunset (or, if there are morning people involved, we can do it within two hours of sunrise.  I'll bring my coffee!)  This gives the best color and light, as the sun is more mellow and warm.  I always check the timing of the sun when we schedule your time. 

Here are some guidelines of what to wear (used with permission): 

Relaxation and Fun
I love people, and I will make you feel comfortable.  I will connect with your kids and you, and put you at ease.  This makes it enjoyable for everyone and expressions come naturally.

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